Saturday, October 25, 2008

Entering the Quincy rotary from Weymouth; you've just come over the Fore River Bridge. The defunct Fore River Shipyard is on your left. Kilroy was there and he built many ships but that was in days gone by. My father worked at the shipyard as a sheet metal worker. The shipyard is now a super sized parking lot, the crowded home to a gazillion cars for sale (who has the money to buy those becomes the 64 thousand dollar question!), the U.S.S. Salem, the commuter boat to Hull Boston and Logan Airport, and the Mass Water Resource Authority. She was certainly more productive to Quincy as a shipyard, keeping a good majority of the city employed. Now she is just an eyesore and the cause of heartache as she is dismantled, apparently unwillingly as she has claimed a few lives over the past few years. The most recent with the dismantling of the Goliath Crane which is being shipped to Romania. I always saw Goliath as an eyesore; many have navigated by its massive structure and now that it is disappearing from the skyline; what I realize is that I do not like change - be it good or bad!

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