Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Uncle Sam Rounseville, who legally changed his name to Uncle Sam in the early '90s is a community activist. Under the patriotic guise and garb of Uncle Sam, Rounseville, a resident of Quincy, MA, has toured dozens of states to promote the right to vote! Uncle Sam maintains a 20-by-30 billboard on a busy corner in Quincy that he uses to promote a local charity every month.


Tanya said...

Great job Uncle Sam!

Chris said...

Amen! Nothing drives me more crazy than to hear people who don't vote complain about the election.

slim said...

Good bio on Uncle Sam. I just saw your post on the portal and did a double take . . . check my post for yesterday! Great minds . . . welcome to CDPB . . . I hope you enjoy photo blogging as much as I have and do.


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