Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ran into roving reporter Dan Hausle from Channel 7 (where if it bleeds it leads) around 10pm tonight on City Hall Plaza. Apparently still stalking the Mayor over the "breaking news" regarding the carpet at City Hall. Slow news week or what? Obviously fueled by someone with an ax to grind. News coverage leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, they've all stooped to the likes of The Enquirer! Sad very sad. Thank God for Channel 2.
Merry Christmas!


slim said...

I'm with you, S. The media have all turned into sharks looking for the next feeding frenzy. Public television and netflix take care of my viewing pleasure. The internet and NPR are my news outlets of choice with the exception of "The Quincy Sun" for local news coverage. The rest can leave the planet and I won't miss them. Nice night shot with reflections;-)

slim said...

Happy New Year, neighbor . . . hope you are okay. I've missed seeing your posts. I hope you are able to share some in 2009.


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