Sunday, November 23, 2008

So many things have changed in Quincy, things are becoming a blur. As I walked around behind the Quincy High School, old Quincy College I was taken by this beautiful house. I believe it is the site of the old Survival, Inc., that came into being with drugs here in Quincy in the early 70's? Survival has since transformed into Bay State Community Services, and I believe this beautiful old house is in use by the school department. Mind you,this could all be false information and bad memory! But it is a gorgeous old home, just the same! I am open to corrections or additional information on this old house!


Sharon said...

The beautiful house caught my eye, but the references to Quincy really got me. You see, I grew up in Quincy Illinois and went to Quincy College (now Quincy University)in Illinois. Your pictures make me think that both cities have a lot in common.

slim said...

I have also admired the architectural details of this house. I believe it is being used by those managing and overseeing construction of the new high school.

The City of Presidents said...

I am pretty sure at one point we claimed Quincy, IL as our sister city? I somehow remember some hoopla around that - do you remember that Slim? I know one difference surely is that we pronounce Quincy .. QuinZeeee. I would have to bet we were the first so I claim that as the proper pronunciation and now anytime I am utilizing the automated directory assistance I am reduced to saying Quin Ceeee, so that it understands me! That really hurts!! (kidding!) Slim what really hurts is to think of workman using that house. I hope they aren't beating up the floors too badly! I am guessing the city owns it?

slim said...

I did some research this past year on "sister cities" for a CDPB theme day and came up with zilch for Quinzee MA. The Crane Library information experts were my source. I do however remember sending trailer loads of food and supplies to Quincy, IL after a huge flood.

The City of Presidents said...

Good memory Slim! I knew there was something in the recesses of my mind - they may have referred to the relationship as 'sister cities' in that moment in time as we were helping them! I wonder if Sharon remembers those floods?


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