Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The WWI Doughboy stands in front of the Adams Academy; the site is the birthplace of our great Patriot, John Hancock. Today was the Veterans Day Parade here in Quincy; honoring all of those who have served and are serving our country. Yes I took some pictures but didn't like a single one, except for this Doughboy which I was able to salvage by removing the telephone wires at his feet. The Washington Post had a rather interesting article at Memorial Day of the last surviving Doughboy, Cpl. Frank Buckles of Charles Town, W.Va., titled "Why Didn't We Listen to Their War Stories".
A statement that the men of World War I weren't 'memorialized' quite like the men of our other wars; this makes me feel good that we do honor our Doughboys and that right here in Quincy they continue to walk among the clouds. When asked about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Buckles told the Washington Post, “I’m no authority, but I’m not in favor of war unless it’s an emergency.”

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